Wednesday, 5 June 2013

10 Things I love about you :)

Hello again, so this time I was scanning the internets again for ideas, and lately I miss my boyfriend so much when he goes back home or to work ( even though I saw him a few hours ago! :P) I decided to do a little blogeen about him :) CHEESE...I know! 

Stephen and myself :D

So here is a countdown of the top 10 things I love about you Mr. Doyle :) If I were to write all the things I love we would all be here a very long time ;) 

So here goes :D 

10. The texts I wake up to every morning :) I always have one without fail, and reading it makes my day start ten million times better :) even though I feel so guilty for ALWAYS falling asleep on you ;) 

9.Our song :)  I've never said it to you before but the time you emailed and requested rapture for us in the Bentley, our song :)  was possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me :) seriously stands out in my mind...and just goes to show how cute you are!!

8. The way you are with my family, and how accepted I was into your own :) ( who I now consider my own ;) ) So proud to bring you home and show you off to everyone, love how patient you are with Kayleigh and her persistence in playing cards :P I love coming up to see your family with you, its a second home to me :) 

7. Your literally always there for me :) Whenever I'm down, and I see you walking towards me with that smile and the big hugs, its so comfortable and secure, your like a tonic :D and I know you genuinely care about me, means so much!

6. You never bore me :D ever! I feel like you match my personality and there's always something to talk about, wether its your stories about work, or your attempts to annoy me about hurling :P You surprise me with random trips to places, loved Dun laoighire and Carlow ;) And the trip to Paris, biggest surprise of all :) 

5. Our DMC's :D haha had to add them in!! I love our chats about the past/future :D I love the fact that you tell me everything, and I can do the same with you :) always could even when we were just friends :) I can ask you anything! and I hope you say the same :P (I can see your eyes going wide at that and sayin SANDRA the way you do haha :D)

4.Your compliments :) I could literally be looking like a banshee dragged backwards through a hedge and you will still tell me I look gorgeous or beautiful :) only person that could make me believe it too :P I love when I meet you after work and you say I'm looking really well :D makes me smile like an eejit!! 

3.Your smell/voice/general look about you :D random one I know, but you always smell unreal, literally just want to steal all of your hoodies :P I love how you say 'saysssss the one!' you know :P and your attempts at doing a culchie accent :P (which are terrible, I'm not from Cork :P) You look so good in your suit, and in everything you wear in general, as I said before so proud to be walking and holding your hand :)

2. You get me :D I love that I can literally be any mood with you, and you'll still be there :D Even during my mood swings and random moods :) I can be crazy Sandra around you and  you don't mind :D You just understand me :) And I love it!! Whenever you mention things about our future it really hits me just how lucky I am to have found someone that can put up with me :D

1. The fact that you are my boyfriend :) ... and I love you soooooo much ! I know I've struck gold with you and your a keeper, I honestly couldn't be happier to say your mine :D ....oh and you make a great cup of tea ;) haha! <3

One thing I dislike about you? The way you have such low confidence, Your an amazing guy, anybody can see it :) and I literally don't know what I did to deserve you! Your so good looking aswell, those eyes and that smile :) Our kids will be heartbreakers haha ;)

Hope this makes you smile :D 

Love you so much taepot :D 


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