Sunday, 30 June 2013

A nasty surprise...

Hey everyone !!!

Ok, so this blog is about something nastyyyy :( A few days ago, I noticed an irritating red lump forming on my lower left eyelid, it began to get itchy and constantly felt like I had something in my eye, what was it?...

A sty of course :( 

So what is a sty, and how is it formed?

 A sty is a tender, painful red bump that is located at the base of an eyelash under or inside the eyelid. It is formed by an infection in the sebaceous glands or a hair follicle in the eyelid. The medical term for it is Hordeolum 

A sty occurs when the eye glands of the eyelid that lubricate the eyeball become infected, the infection will occur if these glands become clogged. 

Symptoms include, watery eyes, redness, itching and tenderness. If it is severe (which I have :( ) it will develop a yellow head after a few days and yellow pus will drain away from it. It will feel better once it ruptures, but you should not burst it yourself as this causes the infection to spread around the eye. 

Makeup can be a huge cause of a sty, especially if you share it with others. Do NOT wear makeup during the infection as it will only make it worse AND infect your brushes or makeup applicators. It's actually advised that you throw out any brushes or makeup used just before or during the infection if applied anywhere near the eye. :( ! 

Some remedies for a sty are warm compresses, a towel dipped into hot water, or a favourite of mine, a warm teabag!Press these lightly to your sty for 10-15 minuts 3 or 4 times a day. This will cause the liquid to drain from the sty quicker. If the sty is persistent, you should go to your doctor, and they can prescribe antibiotics or drain it for you. I have even used a wedding ring to bless it 3 times! 

Sties are nasty things, and very uncomfortable. This was defenitely one of the worst I have gotten in my life, I couldn't keep my eye open one day ! :( It's also extremely embarrassing to be out in public with one lol !:( 

Thankfully mine is getting better and on the mend :) though hopefully I won't get one again for a long long time!!

Hope this helps you if you get one, or think you may have one, though I wouldn't wish it on an enemy!! 

Thanks for reading :)


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