Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer so Far Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

Hey everyone!! So, since it's summer, I've decided to do a summer picture blog about what I've been doing so far! :) The weather in Ireland has been, as per usual, very temperamental, but we have had some amazing days so far!! :)

Meee, nightout in Galway :D 
My beautiful friends & I, night out in Galway :D
My amazing boyfriend & I :)
My beautiful friends & I, dinner and a catch up :)
Staying in the plaza hotel in Dublin, with my boyfriend :) great night :)
Bus timetable to Carlow, had a GREAT night out here, defenitely returning :D
My little sisters 10th birthday cake :D cookie monster
My pet goat Frisky, sunbathing herself :)
Got this milkshake in the Shake shop in Dundrum, galaxy with cream,  was HEAVEN!
The hoodie I stole off my boyfriend, so comfyyy :)
The racessss, saw this ad in the paper and got soo excited :D ladies day 2013 whoop!

My gorgeous dog, Rocky relaxing in the heat :)
My new favorite drink, Peach lemonade from Costa..omnom
This is a Eurasian Eagle Owl, they are amazing, my favorite animal as well :D saw him recently in the Bird of Prey Center
Love this picture, think he looks a bit like James Bond? :P
Love him :D this is us on a night out in Galway 

Got my haircut! finally my hair is healthy again :)
Last but not least, home during the summer :) beautiful!

Ok everyone, thats my summer so far, I hope yours has been just as eventful!! :)
What have you been up to?? Let me know ;)

By the way, You may have noticed alot of these were taken by instagram, I am obsessed and put up a new picture at least once a day :) add me! Sandralyne993 or on twitter, @Sandralyne93 

Thanks for reading :)

Until Next time!!


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