Friday, 20 September 2013

Penneys/Primark Haul for Paris!!!

Hey guys!!!! Ok so I know it has been an age since I wrote last I apologise :( But last weekend I went to Paris...the most Romantic place on earth with my lovely was amazing :) We only went for the weekend but got to see some beautiful sights, the Eiffel tower, Notre dame, Montmartre and of course the Champs Elysee :D (my french teacher would kill me for not including my accents, but anyway :P ) We had a great time and it was definitely a holiday to remember :) 

Stephen & I :) Champs Elysee
So, I knew I was going to be going to one of the most fashionable places in the world so I had to look good all of the time (I'm sure poor Stephen got fed up of me taking 3 hours to get ready every day :P). So I said I would do a small haul the day before I went to Dublin, typical me leaving things until last minute! I decided to go to Penneys seen as they have their Autumn collection in now, it has amazing clothes at extremely affordable prices :O Some of which I will show you below :) 
This top is so comfy!...I wore it flying out with a pair of jeggings and uggs and my leather jacket :) I think this is a great buy, its flattering, it can be dressed up or dressed down, and the horizontal stripes flatter a curvy body :) At 10 € this was my favourite bargain! 
This skirt is soooo pretty!! Its a wine/burgundy coloured velour skater skirt. This is ideal for the season we are in now, it can be worn with a shirt like the one I bought which I show next,pair of tights and pumps, or a wooly top with thick tights and boots for winter! It is longer than the skater skirts Penneys recently sold and has a lovely velour feel :) I adore this, it came in black also but I said I'd be daring and get this colour :) 
I love this shirt, it's really classy looking :) I feel like a real lady when I wear this :D It's a very light material so I would advise a light top worn inside it :p I wore this with both my black and burgundy skater skirt and felt so comfortable in it too! It can be worn on a night out or to a job interview or work :) Whichever you prefer!

This top was a very last minute buy, but I'm so glad I bought it :D I got it in the Penneys in Dublin just as a top to keep me warm incase the weather was a bit dodgy in Paris(which it was :P) It's just a plain black long sleeved cashmere sweater but I teemed this with a gold necklace and skater skirt and it was so comfy :) and kept me warm, happy days! :D 
This was my biggest bargain :D This is a plain red skater dress that cost me just €6 !! I saw it on my way up to the till and I had to grab it :D The only problem is it's very short so I would have to wear it with a skirt underneath to be on the safe side :P But I have this problem with alot of Penney's dresses because I'm about 5'10 so, if they want to make a tall section anytime soon I'll be delighted :P 

I love these two, I wore these both nearly every day :D The necklace doesn't feel too heavy or irritating and I've been meaning to get these for AGES, the bag is big enough to fit phone, purse, passport and a camera :P and a metro map as well actually lol! The necklace was only €5 and the bag was on sale for €3 ! and they do last a while! :) 

And last but not least the Makeup :D The two lipsticks were a present I got from my lovely sister, they are both fuschia shades and I absolutely love them! I think I wore them every day as well. I want to go back and buy some neutral shades like beige and nude :D These lipsticks were so moisturising as well and lasted all day, even with the many smooches with my boyfriend lol ;) The foundation I was a bit skeptical about however I am very impressed with this one :) I would save if for day coverage however :) because it has light covering but I am still quite happy with it :) The mascara and eye liner I find are ok, not great but I do like the brush on the mascara :) The eye liner comes out as more of a grey rather than black :/ But i dipped it into a gel liner pot and it worked fine :D 
Ok guys that's all I got in my haul :D I will be back vlogging soon, whenever my camera gets fixed :( sigh. I shall leave ye and love ye with a few pictures we took in le Gay Pareeee :D 
Stephen and myself :D <3
View from the Hotel :D

Eiffel Tower :) 

On the Champs Elysee :D 

Thanks for reading guys :D 

Until next time!!


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