Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why I said yes... a lot of you may already know, I was recently in Berlin and I had the best long weekend of my life to date <3

I went with Stephen just to see the markets, etc, as they are supposed to be amazing there. We went for our second anniversary, which was the 15th and although we didn't do much touring around, we managed to walk at least 10k steps everyday! The hotel had a built in aquarium and was central to absolutely everything!

So anyway, getting to the point, I'm sure you're all wondering what I mean by the heading (most of you have seen on Facebook or twitter)

Well, on Monday the 15th (our anniversary) we had planned to walk around, see shopping centers and the other markets, as well as the aquarium after 3 o'clock. The hotel had sent up a beautiful tray after we came back from the shops. On it were roses, strawberries, chocolates and an assortment of dipping sauces. Of course I took to Facebook and instagram straight away! To which he told me not to, which I was surprised about, as we usually share everything :p We hit for the aquarium, it was beautiful! Such a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do I have to say! Then had some dinner and went to the markets.

Now I noticed (although he thinks I'm making it up) that he started to get very nervous and antsy with me, like the dinner we just had was going to repeat on him :P He kept stopping and starting while we were walking through and finally he stopped on our way to a fancy lounge bar and in a wide street, staring at Dunk'n Donuts he caught my arm and proposed. To be able to say exactly what he said or how he phrased it I wouldn't be able to do it! I was in such a state of shock and started crying/laughing at the same time. Every woman imagines how a man is going to propose to her and what her reaction will be...well mine was hyperventilating, crying/laughing and I know I kept saying "I can't even...I can't even" but eventually I stuttered out yes :P I eventually managed to call a few friends and family members. I think I nearly caused one poor friend to have a crash! We went in to a very posh bar underneath the TV tower to celebrate, me shaking and mascara streaming down my face. A few wines, cocktails and beer later we practically skipped through the markets back to the hotel. I felt like I was on clouds (and that wasn't just the alcoholic beverages)

Back in the room, a bottle of champagne awaited us in a bucket of ice, two glasses and a glass plate saying 'Congratulations' and a few tasty chocolates on top :) It was like something I only ever read about in a novel! Something he had all planned and hidden from me the sly fox!

So two days later, still in the air and smiling to myself, absentmindedly twisting the ring now and then. I thought I would write this, about why I said yes...(after the stammering)

I know people might be thinking it's just the novelty and getting to wear a pretty dress, being the center of attention for a while. Well you would all be wrong :) 

I said yes to him, because of the! I joke :P

I said yes, because he is the one man that I could ever be myself around, without trying too hard, or needing to wear makeup to impress him. I could be looking like a drag queen after a hard night and he's still there. Through absolutely everything, fights with siblings, money and college worries, ex's hassling he's been there. He just wants crazy old me, for me. Someone I literally never thought I would find, because let's face it, I am psycho :P

All of this including the fact I am crazily in love with him and he just has to be in my life :) Sin è! 

So I hope ye haven't all puked from reading this and I hope ye will join us for drinks in Galway the 26th for a partayyy :) 

I just wanted to share the happiness, after all it is great to get some good news in these tough times :) Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, even the likes off people I hadn't expected...Thank you for that :) 
The Ring :) 


Thank you , as ever, for reading :) 

Yours sincerely
Sandra Shannon (MrsDoyle to be)...(all of the 'go on' jokes have been said :p)

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