Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to have the perfect lasting relationship :)

Hey everyone :) So this is something completely random :D But I have decided over the last couple of days to write a blog about how to have a good and loving relationship :)

love doing this :)
I know that nobody is perfect, everyone has their faults, but when your in a good relationship, that significant other should be able to make you feel like you are perfect, even just to him/her :) Everybody wants to have that one person that makes them weak at the knees, that they can be friends with as well as lovers, and most importantly that makes them feel like they are the luckiest people on the solar system, just because they are loved by them :) 

 Even when you're crazy about someone, it can often be hard to know if he or she is "right" for you. How do you know you won't feel differently in a year? Ten years? The rest of your Life? Deciding if you can commit to someone is a very personal determination. How do you know that he or she are the one? Here are some points to help you decide :) 
Everyone wants to be this happy years later with each other :)
You can tell them something you would never have told anybody else :) I don't mean something you say after one too many pints! But something you feel like you can tell them just so you can be closer :) Telling them these things means you can trust them :)
love talking over a good ol' cuppa :)
You can let them see you in your moments of weakness :) For me, a few months back I had been feeling a little low about life, just over financial worries and stress in college and I was literally at my all time low. I just found that apart from my family, the only one who understood was my boyfriend, he was there the whole time, he came with me to the doctor etc and it made me appreciate him so so much. I realized that he could be my rock for any obstacle we faced in the future.
A hug is the BEST cure :)
You won't want to change them :) There might be small things that irritate you, they switch the channel to soccer or insist on wearing certain items of clothing (for me its chinos :P) But you still love them, plain and simple. 
He loves his soccer :p
They should make you laugh :) I really think this is one of the most important ones :D Laughter is one of life's simplest pleasures and an absolute tonic. My boyfriend can always make me laugh no matter what :D I think it's one of the key ingredients to a healthy life if not just a healthy relationship :)
He always makes me laugh, especially with his attempt at dancing to 'Galway Girl' :P
You should be able to overcome any obstacle :) This could be anything, from a long distance relationship to financial worries to a crazy ex. You just know that you'll both get over it and it will all be worth it in the end. Every couple faces speed bumps throughout their relationship the key is to get over them together :) My boyfriend and I have dealt with all of these problems in the last while, especially the last one, but we still wake up every morning the same happy couple :D The long distance problem worked out easily, finances were cleared up and the psycho ex is finally out of the picture :)
Us out one night :) loved this night :) we literally never fight on nights out! 
The most important one of all, is that you should be able to see a future with them:) Obviously, how can you keep trying to make a relationship last if you can't even see yourself with them this time next week, next month or even next year! You have to be able to communicate with them, discuss your plans for the future and make sure to include your partner. You want to go travelling? Start making plans for the two of you to go? You want to move in together into a new apartment ? Make sure its suitable for both you and your partner. You have to think for two people and not just yourself :) 
Love the dress, ;) lol
Make sure you can trust each other, communicate with each other and love each other :) These are the keys to living together for a long time contentedly :) 

I love him :) My Boyfriend Stephen <3 ! Xxxxx

Hope this helps y'all :)

Thanks for reading guys :D

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