Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Spring Trends :) What's coming our way

Hey Guys :) 

So, I have been browsing the Spring/Summer Makeup trends that have been hitting the catwalk recently on Cosmo magazine. Preparing myself for bright pinks and reds, I was surprised and a little bit off to be honest! 

I have seen a crazy amount of winged eyeshadow in dusky browns and golds ,even bright and dark purple! simple winged liner, green, pink and orange eye liner with a dramatic wing, in both eye line and water line! Twiggy inspired mascara (slightly clumped together lashes) bleached brows to heavy dark brows and completely natural looks with slight contouring! 

Personally I do like to keep my looks as simple as possible, favouring a smokey eye, lashes, liner and either nude or pink lips :) I find it very challenging to step out of my comfort zone, even though I know some of these looks would actually suit me or my family and friends! 

In fairness Ireland has only recently discovered the Kylie Jenner look! (God bless lip liner!) Even though we are one of the closest countries in Europe to America, why does it seem that we are so late in trends or adapting them. I sincerely doubt I am going to see some of my neighbours shopping in town with bleached eyebrows or Tiffany Blue eyeliner! We seem to have a look that we depend on and don't change. I for one know many that have adapted the 80's blue eyes and red lips and don't change it! Fair play to them I say!

SO, as part of my new challenge with my new "Streaky Face Blogs" I am going to try out some of these looks and hopefully give some inspiration to people that read them to step out of the comfort zone and have bright blue and peach eyeliner all over Ireland!:P (jokes) 

I just hope that it will give people the chance to see that the usual liner and lippy look you wear to work or on a night out might not be the only look that suits :) 

Watch this space ;) 

Here are some examples of Spring Summer Trends for 2015 :) 

Thanks for reading :D if you feel like trying any of these out, do, and let me know :) 


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