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Blog one :) me me me

blog, eh?

Hey people of the t'internet, this is my first blog ever, yay :) (bear with me) So, the reason I'm writing this blog is because it's part of my work experience and communications portfolio for college :) To start off, I'm just going to say a bit about myself, hopes and dreams, all the usual cheesy stuff and then I'll be giving some ideas for upcoming blogs :) Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy :) I'll even add some pictures to cheer it up a bit ;) x 

me, out on the town, St. Stephens night 2012 :)

Me, myself and I :)

First things first, my name is Sandra, as you may have guessed although most call me Sandy, or Sandralyne :) I am from the (sometimes) beautiful west coast of Ireland. I live on a small farm in a place called Gortaclare in County Clare. It has a population of about 20, which is decreasing constantly because of this recession. I have four sisters and no brothers, isn't my father blessed?I currently study makeup artistry in Galway Technical institute, which is an unreal course, it allows you to enhance your makeup application skills in theatrical, fashion and media makeup and you don't have to be a perfectionist to do the course, you just need to have a passion for makeup, like myself. :) I also have an amazing boyfriend who deserves a mention in this blog ;) and obviously cant forget my friends from primary and secondary school, who have stuck with me for better and for worse and of course my amazing new friends from college :)and huge huge family :D Love love love them all <3

The boyfriend and I :) night out <3

my little sister and I, bonding time :)

Hopes and dreams :)

Where to start?! I think our hopes and dreams really begin when we're younger, we see our parents, or adults in general, going off to work, making money, putting food on the table, earning enough to keep the family going and we think to ourselves 'I want to do that someday!' The innocence of youth! I remember wanting to be a teacher, then an architect, a nurse, and so on until It was nearly the end of my childhood education, the Leaving Certificate examination, apparently the biggest exam of my life, or so I was told. I had one discussion with my careers guidance teacher, and knew I wanted to work with kids. I had been to college open days all over the country and my mind was made up, however, all of the usual doubts plagued me, 'what if I don't get good grades?', 'what If I fail the exam?'...etc. With all of these questions plaguing my mind I foolishly decided to go for a course with lower points, I picked an Arts course in NUIG. However, if I had been motivated enough to pick the course I actually wanted, I would have gotten it because I actually did very well in my exam. Lesson learned. I went on to college to do a course I disliked from the start and managed to spend a year there. I then decided to do a completely different course, makeup artistry, one of the best decisions I've ever made without a doubt. Why? Because I can actually see a future in this profession, which is hard to do, in a country riddled by recession. I would love to work in every kind of makeup industry, from the science in skin and cosmetics to crazy, gory, zombie makeup. I want to travel to many countries with my qualification, especially France. Of course being in a huge family from the country I couldn't stay away from home too long, can't beat mam's mashed potatoes! Or a walk down a quiet road with my mp3 player blasting out the tunes with nobody to bother me, no cars to worry about. My biggest hope or dream is that by the time I'm an old hag, I can look back at life and be proud to say I got through it and be content with the life I lived. After all you only live once, but if you do it right once is enough :) 
old man make up :) 

zombie makeup :) 

daily wear makeup :) 

Coming soon...eeeeeek ! :)

Ok so to get down to business, my main ideas for blogs are, some makeup tutorials, any era looks anybody might want some help with if your going to a party, for Halloween or just for general day/night wear, some DIY tips for makeup, information about skin types, what foundation to wear to match your skin and what not to wear, for example, if you have dry dehydrated skin you should stay away from mousse foundations and powdered foundations as they tend to give that patchy flaky look. The best and cheapest brands for makeup, which will possibly be my easiest blog as I am a broke student, living on bread, pasta and noodles :D oh the student life! I will defenitely be doing some fashion blogs, penneys or primark hauls :) I live in there so that shouldn't be too hard! Some movie blogs, music blogs, food blogs, romance blogs, how to cope with a broken heart, etc ( I think we have all, or will have all been there at some stage!) I hope to do blogs for all ages, I have no target audience whatsoever, anybody can read these blogs :) Feel free to leave comments and suggestions anytime :) 

Thanks for reading :) 

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