Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Personal favourites :)

Hey everyone! Sorry for taking so long to write the next blog, I have been so busy working, preparing my projects for college and of course fitting in some socialising as well, has to be done! ;)
Soooo...for this blog I am going to tell you about 5 personal favourite makeup items that are in my makeup kit :)..all will be pictured below !
5. Essence gel liner, 01. Midnight in paris

I use this gel liner mostly for going out as it is cheap and cheerful, very easy to apply and lasts all night long. It is the perfect companion to a dramatic smokey eye. However, what I don't like about this product is that it is quite hard to take off! Easiest method? An oil based cleanser and a make up wipe, does the job :)
4. No.7 smoky rose quad eyeshadow set.

I love this product! It has 4 beautiful metallic based eyeshadows which can be used seperately or combined depending on which look you are going for :) the colours are a creamy ivory, an ashes of roses colour (dusky pink) a mauve colour and a dark purple, all with silver and gold flecks through them.
3. Catrice Intensif'eye wet and dry eyeshadow in 010 black or white swan?

Another product I adore, this eye shadow can be applied dry or wet, again depending on what you are going for. Personally I like to apply it on top of a gel eyeliner base, in the middle of the eye or the moving part of the eye, just where the eyeball is, to create a fantastic smokey eye. (fyi I will be doing a blog/tutorial based on this look! )
2. Matis avantage jeunesse moisturiser for normal and combination skin.

Finally! A moisturiser I can work with. My skin is unbelievably dry and sensetive especially around my cheeks and forehead, but this moisturiser is a skin saviour. My skin feels unbelievably soft afterwards and it calms my sensetive cheeks also. I also find that my skin has cleared up remarkably since using this brand. Defenitely worth buying.
1. Max factor miracle touch liquid illusion foundation in 40 creamy ivory.

This foundation is without doubt the best I have ever bought. Because it is a creamy liquid foundation it hydrates my skin, it is yellow toned and covers any redness I have on my face and it matches my skin perfectly, the only problem with it is that it's in a small container, therefore it doesn't last as long, however! I recently discovered that mixing the foundation with a primer makes it last longer as the primer mixed foundation spreads evenly and creates a matte look to the skin. A product defenitely worth saving the weekly grocery money for :p
Ok guys! Thats it until next time, I have some exams coming up soon so it might be a while before I'm back but I'll have some fun tutorials on the way!! :)
Thanks again, happy blog reading ;)
P.s I'm trying out a new blog app on my phone so apologies about the layout! :) thanks again!!x

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