Thursday, 7 March 2013

Recent buys :)

Hey Everyone! 

So it has been ages since I wrote a blog, but I've been busy lately and sick to boot :(

 huge apologies :(!

So recently I went to Penneys/Primark and bought a few bits and bobs. Now I went in with every intention of window shopping but it was just too hard to resist a bargain!

My sister and I were shopping for an outfit for her as she is going out this weekend. I decided to venture off for myself, as you do and came across a small sale in the jewellery section. 

Now I rarely buy jewellery, but I just couldn't ignore these few items that I bought which cost me less than a fiver!!!

It has been a dream of mine to buy this type of necklace for ages but I didn't really know what to pair it with, so I have decided a black lace dress, to give it a classy look :) ! I think the ring and matching earrings team it to perfection...ready to hit the town!

Being the makeup obsessed woman that I am...I also happened to find myself in the makeup section enroute to the checkout and bought this foundation and eyeliner, delighted! :) Now just to try them out, cannot wait! 
 Catrice ultimate moisture fresh skin make up 
010 light beige :)
Catrice Liguid Liner 
010 Dating Joe Black

Altogether these items came to €13 !! Huge Bargain :) 

I also love this dress that I bought in New look a few months ago, its in burgundy and a warm wool like material so it's perfect for the cold spring weather we've been having lately in Ireland :( 

Okydokys everyone thats it from me! Hope you enjoyed, and make sure you take a wander into Penneys or Primark to get yourself a bargain, which is a guarantee!
Thanks and happy reading :) !

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