Thursday, 4 July 2013

To dye or not to dye?

Hey everyone, so for my latest blog I would actually like to ask you all a question :D

What do you think of the hair craze that is dip dying?
Don't think I could go this crazy? :/

I have to say It took a while for me to like it, but it grew on me and now I am obsessed with the idea of having it done!

I have seen dip dying in lots of colours, not just blonde. Ranging from blues to reds, even pink! But personally I think I'll stick with the colour blonde, or light brown. 

I want a colour that suits my hair, (I'm a dark brunette :) ) and I would love to know what length would suit also, I have medium to long hair :) Price is also an issue :(

My hair at the moment :)

Any advice would be amazing :) feel free to email me or leave a comment down below :) 

Thaaaaanks guys :) 


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