Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer saviours :)

Heyyy everybody!! :) hope your all having an amazing summer like I am! :) The weather here in Ireland has been fab this past week, reaching 30 degrees some days! So who needs a holiday when you can just step outside! :D 
home :)

The only downside to this weather, is that you have to take extra care of your body, because the suns powerful rays can take their toll on your skin and hair! :)

So in this blog I'm just going to suggest some products to protect you during the season :) 

First of course, I suggest a high factor sun lotion and after sun cream. The one I find the best is Hawaiian Tropic factor 20 :) It actually works! :P Bonus is it smells amazing too like you've just stepped off the plane to a sunny country! 

Where I live is in the west of Ireland, in a very rural part, where most people live on farms. Because I'm in the country alot, especially during this weather I notice I get a tonne of insect bites or nettle stings, even just from lying out on the lawn. What I recommend to help this is a cream called Anthisan :) Sometimes I even react to these and it can swell up and be extremely irritating :( But anthisan really cools it down and I notice an improvement almost immediately! :)
Just as you need SPF protection for your body, you will also need it for your lips! :) The best I find is Badger lip balm :) It's unscented, protects your lips from the sun as well as dehydration! It's even water resistant so you can go for a swim while wearing it! It's also completely organic, so you can relax your conscience about added chemicals and such :)

To protect your hair, especially from chlorine in the pool or ocean water, you should wash your hair before you go for a swim. Dry hair is extremely absorbent and can pick up chemicals etc like a sponge, at least if your hair is wet already it provides a layer to protect. I know it's a bit late to say it nearing the end of the season, but if your planning on cutting your hair do it before summer, or at least wait until mid-end of august. If your hair is damaged at the ends, the heat from the sun will only exaggerate your problem, so even if you wait until August, you can get it treated by your hairdresser and even use some conditioning treatment to repair it! If your on a budget try a homemade hair mask, I personally like the Honey and Olive Oil hair mask :)

To make this you will need: 1/4 cup of honey
                                          1/4 cup of olive oil, coconut oil can also be used :)

First heat the honey for a few seconds on your cooker, after turning it off add the olive oil and stir it well. Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature. Apply it to the hair and scalp gently using your fingers, then wrap both your hair and scalp in a warm towel. To warm the towel all you need to do is dip the towel in warm water and rinse off excess water. Leave to settle for half an hour. When it is ready, remove the towel and wash out using shampoo. This mask is best suited to dry hair, which is perfect for the summer :) 

One other tip I have, is make sure that you hydrate! Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere even if it's just driving to the shop to get food, keeping hydrated will prevent sunstroke and keep the body nourished and cool. 

Ok everyone, until next time!! :D 

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  1. Move over face masks time for hair masks :D
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