Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hey everyone! So sorry it's been forever since I posted anything, I've been working alot lately and I am currently off sick so I have a few moments to myself to write this for you :) 

The 'I heart Spring' Tag :) 

I will answer the questions and afterwards leave a list for anybody to do for themselves :) 

Thanks for reading!! <3 

1. Favourite Spring Nail Polish? 

My favourite has to be... the Penneys P.s range, and my favourite is the neon orange colour! I love this :)
It,s very different and really stands out :) 
I wore it on a night out, with a similar coloured bag, gold jewellery and a khaki green shirt dress. Sounds unusual but it worked!

Must have lip colour this Spring?
My favourite lip colour is actually something I haven't bought yet but I'm dying to ! Its Kate Moss's new Spring collection for Rimmel London. It's in the shade 020 and I just love it! 
My favourite Spring dress? 
Has to be this new dress I'm ordering off boohoo! So pretttttty :)
Favourite Spring flower?
I have to say I love when the Evening Primroses come out or the wild roses, love the smell of them!
Favourite scarf/Spring accessory?
This is a tough one! haha, ummm I'd have to say my wooly white scarf I bought from Penneys a month or so ago, because it's still freezing here :( 
What Spring trends are you most excited about this year?
I love the colours! It means Summer is coming, slowly, but getting there haha! I love seeing the change in dark winter colours to bright pastels in both makeup and fashion! Oh and seeing the colourful beach wedges come back in fashion :)

Favourite Spring candle?
I went through a massive candle obsession last summer, I have to say I haven't really bought much candles since but I love good old fashioned vanilla, it reminds me of holidays for some reason :) You can use a vanilla candle for every season really, that's what I love about it.
Favourite body spray/perfume for Spring?
Juicy couture Viva la Juicy, my favourite :) 
What is Spring like where you live?
Extremely temperamental, you could have a lovely clear sky one minute, get ready to go for a walk down by the pier or whatever and next thing you know you hear about red warnings on the radio for a massive storm approaching. You just can't tell what way it will be :(

Favourite thing about Spring?
It means my birthday is soon! haha 13th of April :)
Are you a Spring cleaner?
Any plans for an upcoming holiday?
Not much! might be going for a small break away soon! 

That's it guys and gals! 
Hope you enjoyed reading and thank you again :)

Lots of lovage,

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