Saturday, 3 May 2014

My (much needed) updated essential items list :)

Hi everyone :)  Now I know I haven't done one of these in so so long but anyway here I am :) 

So to begin with, how I'm going to do this is by going by different items for different parts of the face and body :) I will start with...

Eye products Bullet Graphics 
OK, so the eyes are the windows to the soul right? Or the nipples to the face as I was once told lol :P So for entrancing possible partners women have been using make-up products for thousands of years to snare a mate, we still do to this day(although some women need to seriously rethink the blue shadow red lipstick look, ughhh)  so eye products are very important! I have always been told my eyes are very majestic looking (I was actually told this before, not just blowing my own trumpet) and are my best feature. I like to make sure they look the best of my overall look :) The products I use are as follows:
For my eyebrows I use a spooly brush and a kit by Seventeen called Brows that :) For my eye shadow and lids I use the Naked Palette 3 by Urban Decay it's beautiful :) I also use Bourjois volumizer mascara, rimmel kohl liner and essence waterproof liquid liner, all in black :) and thats my general eye product list :D
Lip Products Bullet Graphics For the lips, I don't use much, simply lipsticks or a lip balm :) I am currently loving Rimmel colour rush lip balms in 710 Drive me nude and Seventeen's pink power ! 
General Face Bullet Graphics For my face I use alot of products so I'm going to narrow it down to moisturisers, foundations, concealers, powders and bronzers/blushers.
For a moisturiser I am currently adoring the Garnier Moisture match hydrating cream in Dry to very dry skin. I absoloutely love this, it's so moisturising and refreshing and smells good too! For a primer I then use either Rimmel Stay matte primer in 003 or else Nivea express hydration primer. Sometimes I use both depending on where I'm going or how dull and dry my skin is! To cleanse my skin I simply use baby wipes, anything else is too severe on my sensitive skin. All of these products come in a range to suit your skin type so they are very recommendable!
Next is Foundations, god knows I have tried an abundance of these since I was a teenager! I have yet to find the holy grail of foundations for me in one single bottle, at the moment it's a mixture of about three!! So my list is
Max Factor Pan Stick (really) in True Beige
Revlon colourstay in Ivory
Maybelline Superstay better skin in Nude
Bourjois healthy mix in Beige
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Porcelain Beige
Revlon Photoready compact makeup in Ivory
I know what you're thinking, wow that's alot, but that's literally just what I have in one of my travel bags!
I have to mix and match some of these depending on what I am doing or where I'm going, I obviously use the darker colours for my nights out with tan and the lighter ones for day wear. The ones I am most impressed with are Maybelline superstay and the Elizabeth Arden. I am least impressed with the Revlon foundations unless both are mixed with another. 
 Concealers are very simple, I only use two :) I use Seventeen phwoar paint concealer it's amazing and covers everything! Likewise with the Catrice Light reflecting concealer in Porcelain.
Next on the list is Powders, blushers and bronzers. For my general everyday use of powder is the Max Factor Creme puff powder in Candle glow. For bronzer I use two products, Bourjois Bronzing powder and Honolulu bronzer by W7. For blusher I use an essence Blush stick in pretty in pink.

 So guys apart from all this, all I can talk about really is the Ultimate Blends shampoo that I ADORE it is amazing!! It's unbelievable nourishing and brightens up any dull head of hair :) As well as that the Cocoa brown tan for legs and the mousse are my must need product for going out! The tan is so natural and lasts forever! 

Thank you so much guys for reading, hope you all enjoyed :) Feel free to leave any comments about your own essential items :) 

Lots of love..
Sandy. S

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