Sunday, 29 June 2014

'A Picture Says a Thousand Words' Tag :)

Hey everybody! Back again with something that I've been thinking about doing with a while :) So I see people with scrapbooks and photo albums, or photo collections on Blogs, look books etc, and I was thinking, What memories do I have from any of my pictures? So I decided on a blog tag, to try remember something that happened when such a picture was taken :) Random I know, but I thought it would be fun :) I will select about 15-20 pictures at random from my computer and say what I remember :)
So here goes,

What I remember of this, is that it was one of our last days in secondary school, I think it was our last P.E class, our teacher was so sound, he went out and bought us cornetto's as there was only a few of us in class :) Simpler times!

Well this is a few years back! I was on school holidays in Transition year and went in to stay with my sisters in College in Galway, this is my oldest sister Aisling and I :) in my other sisters house :) Felt like such a grown up! :P

This was taken in Paris, in front of the Louvre :) Myself and my boyfriend Stephen :) It had started out as a lovely day, so I wore a white shirt from Penney's and when we finished walking down the Champs Elysee, it started to rain, luckily enough Ste had a new hoodie bought for himself so I stuck on his old one :D I also put this up on Instagram and got about 50 likes haha! 

This Picture was taken in November 2012 :D My friend had booked tickets to Michael McIntyre for our other friend so four of us went up :) After this night myself and my boyfriend got back together after a few months apart :) <3 Great memories of this night in Dublin <3

This was a picture taken of Old man/gender transformation makeup I did in college :) I thought I looked so funny and pretended to be a member of Clare County Council :P 
This is a picture take of me and Stephen literally just after we started going out :) I love this picture :D We went to Fibber Magee's in Galway :D
This is slightly embarassing :P this is one taken of me when I was about 15, I was Sister Margaretta...or 'Margie' in the school musical of 'The Sound Of Music' Our choreographer told us how we were picked according to our most suitable roles :P me a nun??
This was the last day of secondary school, we all signed our school shirts, messages and private jokes :) ahhh the memories!! 
Love this picture :D this was a night out after I finished work summer 2012 to start college :D I was told I looked really well in this :) and I remember Stephen liking this on fb when we weren't even friends on it!..ooooh scandal lol ;) good times :D
Love this! This was my 19th birthday :D had such a great night in Galway :) and another memory of the boyfriend liking this when we weren't going out ;)
hahaha this was from the night we got together November 12' :D great night after Michael McIntyre in Dublin :D I think we were dancing to 'Sexy Bitch'
Cheeeesy but had to put this in :) My Communion day! May 2001 :) I remember feeling like such a princess haha!

Love this! This is from my Debs :D me and Caitie :D this was taken on the bus journey to Balinasloe where it was being held and we had such craic :) 

Another photo I love taken from a hilarious night out in June 12' :) had such a good night in Galway and love that maxi dress! :O 

Christmas 12 :p This was a photo taken in what was 'The Bentley' in Galway, now closed :( had such a good night, as you can probably tell :P finished work and off I went out with my friends :D Great memories!

Had to add this picture :D This was taken the night Ste and I got back together after only being friends for months :) Was such a funny yet romantic night ;) 'but you work in a hotel?? haha! Signs on 2 years later and we're happy out :) 

Ok so guys that is my tag done and dusted, really hope this catches on as I thought it would be something fun :) 
Whoever wants to do this next, feel free! :)

Thanks guys :)

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