Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Autumn Wish List!

Hey Everyone! 

So, it;s that time of year again when we feel the evenings start to draw in and become colder, the kids are back to school, leaves are falling from the trees, you can't think of one thing nicer after work than sitting beside the stove with a cuppa in your hand and your favourite onesie on. Literally as I type this I am snuggled up in a massive Cardi I got in the sales in January! 
With all this in mind I have decided to do an Autumn Wish List of all things I love and Need this Autumn :) Without a doubt it is one of the best times of the year, the count down to Halloween and Christmas :)!

So First on my list is of Course Candles :D :D :D !
I love candles, I love the warmth they bring and the smell is amazing :) I always went for vanilla or cinnamon flavour candles around this time of year, I felt that they are just perfectly suited to the Season :) However I was browsing on the Yankee Candles website and I have picked two that I can't wait to buy this year :)
Number 1 is 'Pumpkin Ginger Bark' :)
'Pumpkin Ginger Bark'

Number 2 is 'Home Sweet home' :)
'Home Sweet Home'
The reason I picked both of these is fairly obvious for the first candle anyway, It smells like Halloween, sweet and spicy!! It reminds me of when I was a child and I'd be going to all the houses trick or treating :) Apparently it's America's favourite candle :) The reason I love the second one is that it smells like coming in to a warm kitchen where your mam is baking an apple tart or a nice cake on a cold evening :) I couldn't stay away from vanilla and cinnamon entirely ;)
The next items on my list are accessories! And of course a girl can never have enough of these! :) 
First of all is scarves, they are needed again :( 
Tartan scarf from Boohoo
I am in love with this scarf, it just looks so big and comfy!! I would love to pair this with a black coat for Winter :) I was never a fan of Tartan as my school uniform skirt was the worst kind of it :/ As you can see here :/
The beautiful Uniform I wore for 6 years...me in the middle :)
Anyway! The next scarf on my list is a similar colour :) this colour suits me perfectly with my dark hair :) 

The price is a bit much as I am fairly sure you can get a Duplicate in Penney's for a quarter the price, but I just love this scarf :O Burgundy is a real favourite of mine lately. 

Next are some pieces that I adore :) 

I think this is so pretty and would go beautifully with a Knitted jumper or shirt :) It is down on sale to 5.99 also, BARGAIN! It has a pearl and green gem trim but you can also choose red. (I would get both) 

I'm sorry but how cute is this necklace from Forever 21? I love the colour of the 'soft' roses, it is a real Autumn colour and would go lovely with, as I said before, a knitted jumper or shirt, but also with a dress on a night out :) 

I know I have an obsession with burgundy, but this flower headpiece is just the prettiest!! I realise festival season is over, however that doesn't mean flower headpieces have to go? Getting darker colours like this can really add statement to a winter look! This can also be found in Forever 21 :)

Next is this cutie :) also Forever 21. It's a little bow scrunchie that can turn a look from boring to Glam in two minutes :) I think that at a price of €2.50 it's a little steep, but I'm sure you can get a cheaper one in Primark :) 

Next on my list is Knitwear and you will be surprised at what I see is finally making a comeback :D :D!

I saw this on the F&F range from Tesco and I got so excited! Poncho's are coming back this Autumn/Winter :D I used to love these as they are so cosy, flattering and can be so simple yet stylish :) This one is €21.00 which is cheaper than some I have seen ! I would love to match this with a simple pair of leggings or jeans and uggs :) 

This is another I found from the F&F website and I adore the colour!! However I think the tassles would drive me crazy and I would probably have to cut them off :P But I love the wide neck and the jumper style to it :) 

I saw these furry coats on the Penney's website and I love them! I don't think I would be daring enough to wear the pink, if it came in black I would be happy out :) I can only imagine how warm this could be :)! 

Next on the list is Cosmetics :)  
My wish list for Cosmetics is going to be fairly simple, don;t worry :P 
So No. 1 is Rimmel lipstick, the Kate Moss line, in 107...and I am a huge fan of this dark red colour (do I love burgundy enough?) 
No. 2 is Rimmel Salon Pro in Urban Purple, agaiin do I love burgundy enough?
No. 3 Rimmel Metal Rush in Purple reign. I love this because of the undertones to the colour, it is so so pretty and I love purple in the Winter months!
No. 4 is The Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Ivory. I know I have said before that I am not a fan of this, well let me tell you this has changed dramatically!  I still have to mix it with another foundation and wear about three layers of moisturiser and primer with it, but it's not as drying with my skin as it used to be! 

Next for my list is Perfume! 
The only perfume I like for this time of year is Armani Code which I already have :) It is such a warming smell I adore it!! 
My movie wish list is Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic :) I absolutely adore both of these films, both about witches, both perfect for Autumn and Halloween :D 
My drink would be a Macchiato or spiced latte :) Obviously can't beat a cup of tea too ;) 

Ok guys, I think that's all from my wish list :D Obviously I am going to have to have a huge bank balance for all of this lol, or win the lotto, but anyway! Hope you all enjoyed, feel free to do your own and comment below any things you may like at Autumn :) :) 

As ever, thank you for reading !! 
Sandy S

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