Friday, 2 October 2015

Monthly natters

Hey again everyone! So this is going to be a rather odd blog but I felt I had to share some of my 'inspirational insights' this week :P

So I was browsing instagram this week, it's my new obsession. Reading some of the quotes about friendship and trusting people I realized so many of them clicked with me! I used to think losing contact with people was a bad thing and I had to have so many friends for Facebook and social media. Well, getting older really made me see the light with this fact.

As you get older you will notice your circle start to get smaller and you won't see people as much and that is just a part of life. People change! As you go through different stages you meet more people and make more friends. Everyone does.

As well as that I realized Social media is great and exciting but it's a fantastic mask for people's insecurities. You might see a post about how happy someone is with such a person, a job, a product, etc or how they are so fit now, have a new car, graduated. But in most cases they literally just post it to make others jealous, to get likes, to fit in to what social media perceives is the norm. Everyone does it, including myself! How sad is it that this has become reality? I got the luas one day to Dundrum from Stephens green and everyone was on their phone, on facebook or twitter. Not that long ago I was getting the train to heuston and a man sat down beside me from Portlaois to talk to me, despite the fact I obviously had my earphones and iphone out at the time. Yet I don't regret talking to him one bit! It passed the journey and it was a nice conversation. One day when we're old and the next generation take our steps, we will regret not looking around us more often, not seeing and doing more with our time than  looking at a blue screen for at least 10 of the 24 hours in a day. When was the last time anyone actually left their phone at home. went to town and actually smiled and talked to people on the street?

It can also be such a great place for people called 'keyboard warriors' or 'trolls'. I think everyone has plenty of experience with these people, myself included. I have been subjected to people criticizing my opinion, my work, etc all on social media but I guarantee they wouldn't say it to me in person. In fact I actually came face to face to some of these 'warriors' who accused me of being the reason for a relationship break up, when they themselves were the reason. I was called every name under the sun and people were told by this person that I was the one emailing abusive things! Yet face to face they looked away quickly and didn't say a word. It is so easy for people to act all tough and  aggressive over Facebook. But complete cowards in real life! Some will also use others who claim to be your friend to find out information for these people. Again I have been prey to this too often. But mistakes in life are lessons learnt! People who abuse you like these are just petty and jealous and better off ignored! You should try to understand them and pity them rather then feel anger towards them!
For all my ranting I will be the first to tell you I couldn't live without them :P

 This is just the way the world has gone and people have to adapt to the changes around them. That is just human nature, Social media can be fun and helpful for jobs or meeting old friends etc, but we have to remember to 'check out' the odd time too and actually speak to those around us. 

Rant over :P 

Any opinions on this yourselves? Feel free to leave them down below :) 

Thanks for reading!

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