Monday, 28 September 2015

New Brush set and amazing new brush cleaning tip!

Hey everyone!
 So last week I was at the ploughing championships in Ratheniska. Contrary to what people believe it isn't just aul lads, cows and tractor everywhere. But it caters to everyone. There were so many shops and stalls and arcades. It was tough to walk around and I more than likely didn't see half of what was there, but it was such good fun! So, at the retail arcade, I went in and saw a beautiful tan organic stand selling some amazing brushes. The kind woman behind the table was shouting out offers and I overheard her saying the brush set was down to 25€ from 100€. Usually any brush sets there are knock offs but the quality in these brushes was undeniable.  I purchased and so far am so happy with it! If you happen to be going tomorrow I would suggest checking this out :)
 Inside it has: 

"Large powder brush: A full, soft brush designed to achieve a light base application.

Flat Bronzer brush: Use for an all over powder application when looking for medium to heavy coverage.
Angled blush brush: Use to contour the cheek bones with colour when applying blush.
Foundation brush: Allows for smooth and even application of liquid foundation or creams.
Eye base: Use to apply an eyeshadow base colour over the entire eyelid.
Lip definer brush: Use to apply lipstick or liner to the lips and to enhance definition.
Crease brush: Designed to give a light or heavy contour application to the eye crease.
Precision camouflage brush: A precision tool used to apply concealer to the smallest, most difficult areas such as skin imperfections.
Dual brow/eyeliner brush: Use wet or dry with eyeshadow or a cream liner to define the lash line and the brows.
Smudge brush: Designed for applying eyeshadow near the lash line and for blending and contouring to create a smokey effect."

If you want to look at this and maybe some of their other products have a look here :D

Now for the amazing cleaning tip! 

So I had tried all of the usual tips to get the stain out of one of my favourite blending brushes and eventually I decided to try a soap, rather than soapy liquid or gels. An actual bar of soap :) So I reached for a lush sultana soap( I love the smell! but any soap will do) and started scrubbing the brush hair with it and then running it under the hot water. I kept scrubbing the brush hairs and running it under the tap and the hair was soon back to it's original colour of white! :D I was so happy with the outcome that I nearly used the whole bar for all of my brushes. They look as good as new again :D so happy! 

'sultana' soap by lush :) 

I hope this helps if you are looking for something cheap and effective :D 

Thanks for reading!! 

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