Thursday, 11 December 2014

Best Beauty Products of 2014 !!

So we're on our last few weeks of 2014...and what a year it was too! I feel like it is time for me to do a list of some of my favourite beauty products of the year :) Everything and anything will be included!! :)

So Number uno has to be the Naked 3 palette, I cannot say enough about this :) I am still discovering different looks to use with this, mixing this shade and that etc and I love it every time :) 

Number two is the Soap and Glory Kick ass Concealer, again I cannot fault this :) It comes with three steps, a yellow based concealer, a pink based concealer and a powder with puff :) I loved this stuff! If this came in a foundation I would have about 40 stores in my makeup kit. I wore it for my eyes, spots, blemishes, even just for touch ups on my foundation! Amazing and definitely worth the price :)
Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation. 
Ok I know you're thinking, caky, 13 year old foundation with orange lines around the neck. Well I don't actually use it for my whole face but I use it for contour :) My cheeks, Forehead and chin :) I just find it the best as it is in stick form, obviously easy to apply and blends so so well :) 
 The most affordable product is from amazon, a jazooli Contour palette. Now this product could not be compared to Smashbox palettes or Crown but if you're on a budget and you want to do something different, I suggest this ;) I think it was only something like 5 or 6€ on amazon! It has about 15 colours and is just perfect for dramatic contouring either for a night out or day wear :) 
Ultimate Blends Shampoo 
No matter which bottle you get in this brand, I highly recommend all of them! I have tried out most of them so far and I love them, more than Aussie and Herbal Essences :) I will definitely be the cause of this brand being sold out! :)

Nivea 'Soft' Cold creme moisturizer
I bought a 200 ml tub of this during the summer and I still have at least half a tub! I bought it wisely knowing my skin was going to be terribly dry during the winter months :) I use about a 2€ size amount and spread it all over my face(after exfoliation of course) and this does me perfectly. Ready to face the cold winter days :) 
Lush Sugar Scrub
So, speaking of exfoliators, I have yet to come across one as good as this! I used it after a night out of wearing fairly heavy makeup and my skin was red and tingly afterwards. Of course I thought "Crap I'm after pealing off about two layers of skin!" But it was fine, didn't sting, just a slightly tingling sensation for a minute and then I applied moisturizer. My skin was lacking of spots, blemishes etc for a long time afterwards and I highly recommend this! As a person with dry, sensitive skin this was a god send :)
These are the highest on my list :) Unfortunately I also have to include some products that were so poor I just threw them straight in the bin! One of these is an Original Source shower gel in Raspberry and Cocoa. The name of this jumped out at me. I have always been a massive fan of Original Source shower gels and I thought wow, raspberries and Cocoa, yummy! I tried it out straight away when I got home, eager to be smelling of some exotic dessert! But I was so dissapointed... Have you ever tried the cheap shower creams from Penneys/Primark range Ps. I love? There was a mango or a chocolate one. While the mango one was delicious, the chocolate one was like a cheap fake cocoa scent that made you feel sick using it!  Well this was similar...Maybe it is just me and I can't stand the cheap cocoa smelling products, I don't know. But while using this I had to wash it off and use another I had. Very disappointing. 

Anyway they are my top favourite beauty products of the year, simple and sweet, a bit like myself ;)
Hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment your favorites underneath :) 
Thank you for reading :) 


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