Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Shampoo Holy Grail!

Hello again, so, I realise that only a few weeks ago I uploaded a post on the Ultimate Blends Shampoo and spoke about how much I adore them. 


I bought a new one that I hadn't tried yet and it is the peach/pink colored bottle, 'The Silky Smoother'

I have finally found the holy grail of shampoo's :O

Now I always thought, Aussie or Mane and Tail were the greatest gift, but at 8€ a bottle, where would you be going? 

I got these in Tesco for half price for the bigger bottle and I am actually sad that they are nearly empty :( You will just hear reports on the news one of these days about a crazy woman filling a shopping trolly with half price shampoos and conditioners! Or fighting a woman for the last bottle!

I rinsed my hair out twice using this amazing potion and my hair was unbelievably soft and sleek afterwards. I was shocked! I also noticed it has made my hair grow a little bit longer? Ever since I've used it my hair has become healthier and shiny and I don't have to tear out strands when I brush it! It literally feels like you've just left the hairdressers after using this. You know that bouncy, shiny and great smelling hair? You can have it just by using this bottle. Because my hair was in dire straits, I am so thankful to this brand for repairing it as let's face it, we can't all afford the hairdressers :/

I have split ends, probably the length of my hair, but with this shampoo I notice it has made the ends feel so smooth you wouldn't notice :)

The hurrrrr <3
I cannot recommend it enough :) 

Hope you all enjoyed :D 

Thanks, as ever, for reading,


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