Monday, 22 December 2014

Yankee Candle review :)

I was in Galway yesterday, on my way home from Dublin and I said I would have a look around town for myself, to see could I get some last minute bits for Christmas. Of course it was absolutely wedged, being the last Sunday before Christmas and the second last day of the markets. I only stayed a short while, skimming through my usual shops (I was practically bustled out of Penney's!) and I decided to visit the small candle gift shop located on the ground floor of the Eyre Square Shopping Center.

I noticed the shelves had been cleared of half the stock, obviously a lot of people will be getting candles for Christmas this year! I searched for my reliable Winter smell, the baking scents, as I call them. I had asked my Fiance to get me 'Snowflake Cookie' for Christmas as it was one that I felt I needed to get and could imagine myself typing away with it burning on the cold Winter evenings. With this in mind I put it down and looked at what else it had to offer. I picked up two samplers straight away, vanilla cupcake and Christmas Cookie. Now as you all know from my previous ravings about the Cinnamon smelling candle 'home sweet home', I just adore baking smells! They are perfect for calming me down and relaxing me. I bought two for 5€ and went home smiling to myself thinking about the lovely smell I was going to have in the house over Christmas.

As soon as I got home I took them out to show the family, who loved them. My hands afterwards smelt like vanilla icing and literally everywhere the candles have been in the house now have a scent of vanilla and cookies! I left them in my room (not burning of course) and whenever I pass it I can get such a strong smell. It is literally like an air freshener, or the Midas hand of candles!

I can guarantee my house will be smelling like a bakery for the next couple of weeks anyway! :P So if you're like myself, love sweet baking smells, I definitely suggest these!

Happy smelling! ;)

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