Friday, 5 December 2014

Primark/Penneys Haul for Berlin!

So Last night I decided to use some of the money I had saved up for Berlin and buy some essentials for the holidays as well as my trip :D

I was trying to save money, but you know yourself, you pick up one of those carrier baskets in penneys/Primark and everything adds up!

So at least I had the comfort of the fact that they are (mostly) things I genuinely need! 

I went in with the intention of adding to the list of Leggings, as most ones I own make me look like I've been through a maze and could gladly be thrown out. I also needed the usual, lingerie, socks etc. I bought a really beautiful nightgown actually, red and white lace with flower detail for only 7€!! and it's just as nice as anything you could get in Ted Baker or Victoria's Secret :)
 I managed to pick up two pairs of black leggings, tights, some burgundy plush lined leggings for 7€!
socks, lingerie, a very woolly scarf and a black turtle neck top just to have underneath jumpers or tops :) In fairness it is supposed to be really cold there and I will need the warmer clothes for walking around the Christmas Markets with himself :) :) 

Some smaller items I picked up then were as follows:

Ps. Love your skin exfoliating facial Wipes. 
These are something I only came across yesterday, as usually I get the pink packet for sensitive skin. They were 1.50€ per packet and I tried one out yesterday evening when I came home from town. They have small exfoliating beads built into each wipe and for this reason alone, I love them!! I use a lot of  powdered as well as liquid products in my daily routine and with the sensitive wipes I noticed I would need two or three wipes to completely remove everything. But this was just two or three swipes over the face and bang, the dirt was gone! If, however, you don't like a perfumed wipe then I suggest you stay away from these, they are heavily scented, but it's a refreshing scent that wakes you up :) Definitely recommend! 

Of course I had to get deodorant :)  I got a two pack of the Nivea Pearl Beauty deodorant for 3.29€ I keep going back to these, they are just so affordable and smell so nice. Can't fault these :)

Simply Venus 2 Disposable razors, again, something I needed. They are a pack of four and I team these with the Tesco satin feel shaving gel or the Gillette and Olay combination  :) Perfect smooth legs!

Rimmel Wake me Up foundation
My Foundation stash had been running a little low so I had to but this as it was recommended to me by a lovely woman stocking the shelves in Penneys in Galway :) I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to do a review!! :) 
Essence I love extreme mascara 
I am actually a massive fan of Essence and Catrice Mascara's and since my last few had run out, I had to pick this little beauty up :) It has quite a long thin wand, not so thick as the brands other mascara's but it separates and thickens the lashes to give them a full look. At only 2-3€ why would you not buy it?
Wet n' Wild Coloricon eye liner in white :) This eyeliner is about twice the length of this! I think that was one of the main reasons I bought it! I said in a recent review of white eyeliner what I use it for and because Ii use so much of it my catrice one sadly is nearly gone. So at least with one that is at least the length of a ruler I should have it for a while :D
This I had to buy because it was half price and I just love the style of this! It is a kind of Egyptian coin statement piece and has a netted material behind the coins to avoid irritation on the skin :) Can't wait to wear this! :) 
9 pack of studded earrings :) 
I absolutely love these! I haven't worn earrings in SO long so I decided to treat myself to these :) They are very elegant, not too cheap and can just brighten up any outfit or look, I especially love the roses :) 
To Pair with the jewellery I also got some rings, a pack of six for 2.50€ a pack of three for 50cent!!!!!!(Bargain) and some pretty bracelets for 3€ 

 The two best items I have to say were the plush leggings in Burgundy that I got for 7€! These are lined inside the whole way down with plush fur, they are so comfy and can be bought in black also! 

And the other item is a Burgundy wool scarf for 4€!! I had it in a mustard yellow colour and it was so so warm and could be worn with anything, but sadly I left it in Dublin Airport :( I bought a burgundy one to replace it and I'm very happy with this purchase! 

That is mostly what I got ! It has left me empty of wallet but hopefully I won't have to complain about the cold for the coming weeks and trip to Berlin :D 
Radisson Blu Berlin

This is where we're staying for our anniversary...ain't I a lucky woman?? :D

Thanks for reading, as ever :)

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