Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lifestyle Post: Number 5031 (jokes!) What makes me happy tag :)

So, this time I'm going to do a very random Tag that is doing the rounds on Facebook and I thought why not do a blog :D As I am trying to be more positive lately, this is one step I take to help that :) There is no point obsessing over the financial worries, the future, that skirt that makes you look big you just bought, or that eejit that talks about you behind your back! (let's face it your life is obviously so much better than theirs! :p) 

If you are being bullied, criticized or bitched about, especially, then do this :) Maybe not a blog, but a scrapbook or photo album and just keep it by your side to look at when they get you down. Because let's face it you obviously have a life they want...and as a wise friend of mine told me, we have to be thankful for our fans, even the crazy ones! ;) 

So what I am going to do is pick out a load of photo's that make me really happy and smile when I look at them :) Because that is exactly what will pick you up from whatever is making you feel down :) Life is way too short to be worrying about that skirt, the few euro's you have left until pay day or that wagon that is annoying you! You only live one life, so live it well :)

Below are my choice of pictures that make me really happy :) What are yours??



And that's only some :D

Hope you enjoyed :)

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