Saturday, 15 November 2014

Beating the Blues this Christmas :) Mental Health

Hi Guys ! :) So I know my blogs have lately been very topical :D but I like a bit of variety ;) I find it hard to think of things to write this time of year apart from the generic Christmas tags, candle reviews and makeup, so I decided on one to beat the blues. Because let's face it, it is just as upsetting as it is exciting this time of year! 

For myself personally, November is a very upsetting, dull month as I have a few Anniversaries etc to go to and that only brings back memories. I find it very similar to January really, but I try to fill it with fun things to do to make it pass quicker, for example, myself and the boyfriend went to Manchester last week and it was a nice diversion :)  I know a lot of people might adore this month for birthdays or whatever, but I for one hate it :)As well as November, December might be a month not many love, because of losses, money worries and personal issues. But don't worry as you are not the only one :) As a person who suffers from anxiety and depression, I am going to try and give you some helpful tips to help get get you through the season.

I know the weather is not perfect but try to get regular exercise if at all possible, just make yourself a random playlist and start walking/jogging/sprinting, whatever it is you like to do :) I find walking in fresh air to be the best cure when I am at all down! I go for a long walk, as long as possible and it really clears the mind :)

I know it sounds so so cheesy, but try to focus on the beautiful season that is Winter!! You might not think you have much to smile about, but have a look outside at the aftermath of a storm, with all the streams fuller etc, the robins flying around, the frosty evenings, the foggy mornings, I really think that when you start to look at the beautiful country or world we live in and appreciate nature, you will start to appreciate life that bit more :) There is nothing like being outside when snow falls, no matter what age you are and catching a few flakes :) 

Relive your youth! I don't mean start drinking out of a sippy cup or anything like that :P Sstart watching Disney movies, get out your old play station and have a game of crash bandicoot, tuck into a few selection boxes...I know we can't go back in the past but we can do something that made us smile back then and hopefully it will still make you smile now :) I know for me, I love to watch Disney movies coming up to Christmas, have a cup of tea and maybe some celebrations (malteser ones for the win!) and then break out Spyro or crash bandicoot on the PSP or PS2 :D It reminds me of being young and carefree again! :P

Be with Family and friends :) I feel like this is a very important part of the season and what christmas is all about :) In my family we usually go visit our relatives on Christmas day, it's what we've done for as long as can be remembered :) I think it's important because you never know if everyone will still be together the following Christmas! On St Stephen's day I usually go out with friends in town :) It's really important to see those you love at Christmas. If you are feeling the loss of a loved one, remember them fondly but would they really want you to be stuck inside with a bottle of wine and surrounded by Celebration's wrappers??? They would want you to be out, enjoying yourself and remembering them happily, not in a drunken stupor. 

Make a playlist of happy songs, a completely fresh playlist, not with songs that remind you of your ex or that person you miss, maybe some christmas songs or Disney songs? I personally love Shakin' Stevens snow is falling :) Listen to this while driving to work, going for that walk or even cleaning about :) 

Some of these may or may not help you, but as a personal victim I feel that they help me and will hopefully help others :) Of Course I understand everyone is completely different, but do what makes you feel happy most of all and don't worry about what others think or do, or how other people heal, just do what feels right for you :) 

I hope this helps <3 

Thanks as ever,


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