Friday, 21 November 2014

'Anti' Social Media

So, I've been staring at a blank screen for the past while trying to come up with stuff to write about, great blogger that I am :D and I couldn't think of anything, literally. My mind just went blank. I was trying to figure out why as usually I have a zillion ideas, but tonight the light bulb just wasn't flashing in my head for some reason.

I was staring in between checking notifications on facebook, instagram, twitter etc and it clicked with me that I was too engrossed with a faux fur coat someone showed me on twitter, or something somebody commented on, on facebook to be thinking about what to write. It then clicked with me how many other times this has happened, maybe not while typing a blog, but while reading a book, studying for school or during a lunch hour at work. In fairness, I do realise that blogging depends on these social media sites, but what would life be like without them? I know for a fact if it hadn't been for facebook I wouldn't have stayed in touch with half my friends from school. I wouldn't know about the concert they went to, who's broken up with who, or even engaged. They have become such a walking contradiction, you are in a term 'social', yet while being on these sights, ignoring those around you!? 

I have a couple of hundred followers on twitter, s
ame on Facebook, same on instagram. I might talk to about ten on each site every day, this is including family! I literally cannot remember a time before them, what did I do with my phone? Played Snake or solitaire? Our generation and the ones before us are lucky to be able to have had a childhood compared to the one that is currently growing up. To be honest I'm happy to say that my instagram was a magazine, 'shout' and 'sugar' or a V tech camera. My YouTube was the home radio and an empty cassette tape that I could tape songs on. Facebook was calling up my primary school friends and asking them could I come over. We would watch some TV, but mostly play games that our imaginations came up with. And Twitter? That was a smash hits diary with the faces of boy zone and spice girls on the front cover. In ten years time, hopefully I will have children to take care of, but I can guarantee they will not see social media until they reach their teenage years. I know my little sister is feeling the pressure as some of her friends have Snapchat and Facebook already and she's not aloud. But maybe she will also look back on her childhood and be thankful for this, who knows?

It is known to ruin relationships, partners, friends, careers, many more. People are becoming more open about their lives and therefore less secure in themselves. I know myself that I would grieve over a person having more friends, more likes, better pictures than myself. I still do. I reckon that this is a reason that Mental health issues have risen over the years, not the main reason of course, but one of them. Yet people still turn to it like a drug, before we go to bed, when we wake up, on our breaks. Will this ever change? I honestly don't know. I know that by now people are probably saying what a hypocrite haha! I'm not asking people to stop using them or anything, but just to consider what I have said :) It is scary to think how much of our lives are controlled by these sites!

I for one tried to type all of this without using any of them and I only looked once :D (wow, such an achievement) 

Hope you enjoyed reading :)


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