Monday, 17 November 2014

Makeup Tip Monday !!

Hey everyone!

So seen as Monday is a dull. dreary day for everyone, I've decided to do some makeup tips every monday(hence the header above :p)

Now they are going to be purely simple :) but something you might not have known before and might help you turn you're daily look around completely! :D 

Today's tip is going to be about White eyeliner :D something so small, handy and affordable that can change your look around :) 

I like to use the Catrice brand :)

You might think what can white eye liner do for me? Well, fortunately a number of things :D!
Did you know white eyeliner can make your eyes look way bigger? Most people think black eyeliner all the way...which is OK if you're already blessed with big eyes, but unfortunately it can just make small eyes look smaller. So if you are in the latter group I suggest go to your local beauty store and pick up one of these, and line your water line with white or even a peach colored liner. If you really don't want to stay away from black, just line underneath the lower lashes for some extra definition :) 

So you've just got plucked your eyebrows or gotten them plucked professionally, but not happy with your arch? Line underneath the eyebrow with the white eyeliner and blend in, I do this after I have my eyeshadow done :) 

Also, if you've just bought a really pretty vibrant eyeshadow but it's not coming out as well as you hoped? cover the lid with the white eyeliner and use it as a base, then apply your shadow :) 

I also like to use it for contouring, by lining underneath the cheekbone and where I have used bronzer as it makes it stand out that bit more :) 

These are just some of the ways in which you can use white liner :D have any tips yourself? Please share :) every day is a learning experience!

Thanks for reading :)

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