Friday, 7 November 2014

How to get over a broken heart ?! Keep Reading :)

Hey again :D I know some of you that know me might think this is a random thing for me to be writing, since I am obviously not somebody that is going through the above title, but that doesn't mean I'm no stranger to it :) 

Yes I've had my fair share of it, from stupid crushes to flings that didn't come to anything and by god it can literally feel like you're broken into pieces and everyday you wake up wondering did that actually happen...

Well unfortunately yes it did, and that fact will wash over you like those ice nominations that were all the rage not too long ago...

No matter who it was that did the heart breaking, it's no easy thing to get through, no matter what age, seven with that boy/girl that gave you gum on the bus, or 45 with your husband/wife who left you with three kids. 

I'm no Dr. Phil, but I'm just here to help you by giving some tips to ease that pain. 

If only Nurofen could come out with a heartbreak remedy eh?? Unfortunately they don't but chocolate is something that might help a bit :D! Chocolate has been proven to release Endorphins, which are hormones that basically make you feel happy! I'm not saying go obese with it, but there's no harm in going to your local and buying a few tubs of ben and jerry's, some galaxy(personal favourite) and some cocoa. Take a day off work if needs be, light the fire and watch some crappy chickflicks, (he's just not that into you is a fave, or Sex and the City! :P) 

Go on to your facebook and delete them from your life, I don't care how you're going to still be friends or any of that crap, you can be friends after you have allowed yourself time to heal! There's literally no point wearing shoes that gave you a heap of blisters over and over again is there? Well imagine he/she are the shoe...delete all pictures off any social networks and phones. It's extremely harsh but necessary.

Go out with your friends and get drunk, I know alcohol can cause you to be extremely emotional, and you will probably spend your night crying to the door of the toilet, but do it anyway! Why? Because it helps!! First comes the tears, then the anger and then after a while the indifference :) Meet a guy if you want to, whenever you are ready! But I would advise enjoying singledom after a break up, it will build up your independence and confidence again :) 

You will feel the need to stalk the ex and any of their current misses or misters, do it!! By all means! Show them to your friends, family etc and have a good rant about how ugly they are, I know most people would say out of sight out of mind, but it's hilarious rating the new persons nose or thighs :P Im not saying do it every 5 minutes, but do it enough to make yourself feel better, sure, we all do it!!

Go shopping or get yourself a new hobby :D I mean anything even pottery making!! (you might meet a Patrick Swayze :P ) Buy that sexy Little black dress or for the men, that aftershave :P you saw in town, who cares if rent is due! Go get your hair or makeup done and feel great!! 

Most importantly of all, learn to trust again, they aren't all out to break your heart :) Some are just not suited and that's all there is to it !! 

And p.s, this isn't going to happen overnight so don't expect miracles :) 

made for heartbreaks :)

I hope I can be of some assistance to anybody suffering this disease :) :) 

Happy reading :D 


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